EPOS is the latest on touch screen point of sale, transactional technology, along with ‘back office’ sales software.

Will EPOS help with stock management?

Always look for a system which gives you access to stock management capabilities. Good EPOS systems have a wide range of inventory control, enabling you to see exactly how much stock you need, and be able to plan for seasonal fluctuations. It keeps everything streamlined so avoids stock gluts and shortages. Look for a system that can automate purchase orders, fully manage supplier data, and set alerts for when stock is running low. Pick software that calculates how often products sell so you can accurately forecast turnover.
Can EPOS help with customer managementYou need a system which will let you capture both customer information and their buying habits. Look for a system which has a loyalty scheme included in the software. Good EPOS systems allow you to drill down into the sales history of your customer and also which of your customers buy a particular product. This way you can really focus in on your marketing and promotion campaigns.

Choose software that has multi-buy options built in, as well as the ability to input start and end dates. This makes it easy to set up campaigns in advance, giving you the chance to plan your marketing communications.

Will EPOS integrate with any other kind of software?

The good ones do. One of the most important ones is card payment integration. Not only is the onus for security on the payment provider, but it eradicates keying in errors. The total is transmitted direct from the till to the card machine.
Another integration to consider is the capability to connect with accountancy software apps. It will save you and your accountant a lot of time!

Feature rich reporting capabilities maximise business efficiency and profits. If you are considering an EPOS upgrade, we offer a free, online demonstration of the POS XSell suite. Just contact us to book a slot

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