Streamlining your Point of Sale

Efficiency is at the heart of all good business. Integrating credit and debit card payment technology with your POS software improves the experience for customer and cashier alike. It erases double handling and speeds up the process at the point of sale. All transactions are uniformly the same whether the cashier has thirty years experience or is a newbie.

Kicking Human Error into Touch

With a non-integrated system there is always the risk of mistakes when keying in the total or misreading the till receipt. With a more integrated system, the till talks directly to the chip and pin device, making the whole experience swifter and smoother.

Efficient Reporting

Credit and Debit transactions which are integrated with your POS software automatically connect to receipt and authorization numbers as well as dates, times, cashier names and cash register numbers. It is also possible to include customer loyalty information and even the products itemized on the receipt. All of this is achieved without denting card data security. Because we use market-leading payment providers, you can be assured PCI compliance is maintained. With all this in mind, end of shift reconciliations suddenly become a lot easier to manage. It’s more akin to a review process rather than scrabbling around, totting up every slip of paper. All this adds up to improving your knowledge and interactions with your customers and spending a lot less time in the place after the main lights are switched off.

Preventing Theft and Fraud

With separate credit and debit terminals it is possible to accept electronic payments without ringing anything into the POS system. For the great majority of the time this is human error rather than deceit, but the result is long-winded attempts at cash reconciliation. Integrating your till with your card payment device makes this a thing of the past.

Cash was King

Even before the pandemic we were heading more towards a cashless society. Now, with the onus on keeping touch points to a minimum, cash is no longer king. It’s dirty, takes up space, is easy to miscount, counterfeit and mislay. And has to be deposited. Cards do seem to be the future.

Let us help make things easier

Together with our transaction partners, we can get your payments integrated with the POS system in a jiffy.

As well as contactless, integration now includes Apple Pay and Android Pay, making it even more convenient for your customers.

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